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Bernstein Center Freiburg

We are a multidisciplinary research hub for Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology at the University of Freiburg


The Bernstein Center Freiburg (BCF) was established in 2010 as the central scientific facility to coordinate computational neuroscience and neurotechnology research at the University of Freiburg. At the BCF we define computational neuroscience as the hypothesis driven research approach to unravel mechanisms of brain function and dysfunction using theory, simulation and experiment in a complementing, synergistic fashion.

Laboratory for new ideas in research, new initiatives in teaching and new formats in outreach


The BCF combines a number of third-party funded research projects in the experimental and theoretical neurosciences into a single multidisciplinary research hub. The Center integrates fundamental and applied research in neurobiology, mathematics and physics, computer science, microsystems technology, behavioral sciences, and the clinical sciences, pursued at multiple faculties, institutes and research facilities of the University.

The BCF also fosters and implements new teaching and training initiatives, in particular the multidisciplinary international PhD and PostDoc program in Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology, as well as local and transnational MSc programs in Neuroscience. Last but not least, the Center is strongly committed to reaching out and communicating research questions and findings to the general audience.