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What are neuronal network mechanisms and theoretical foundations of brain function? How can insights from basic research into brain function contribute to our understanding of brain dysfunction? And how can we apply this knowledge for developing better diagnostics and new therapies for brain disease and injury? These are some of the questions our scientists are seeking to answer. ► Mission Statement



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Sensorische Wahrnehmung und Gedächtnis

Am 1. Oktober 2020 wird zu diesem Thema auch dieses Jahr eine Lehrerfortbildung mit Dr. Nicole Roßkothen-Kuhl und Dr. Jürgen Kornmeier stattfinden. Mehr Info zum Veranstaltungsort gibt es Anfang September


Bernstein-CorTec Award 2020 | Call for Nominations

The newly established Bernstein-CorTec Award will be conferred for the first time in 2020. This year it will be awarded to a young researcher for outstanding scientific achievements in his/her doctoral thesis. Nominations are now being accepted.


The space-time fabric of brain networks | From space to space-time in the brain

Scientists at the Bernstein Center Freiburg (BCF) and KTH Stockholm found simple rules that enable networks in the brain to generate sequential spiking activity, forming the basis of behavior. Their findings have now been published in PLoS Computational Biology.


Balance of inputs to the striatum shifted towards the direct-pathway neurons in vivo, but not in Parkinson’s disease

Most symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are caused by a disbalance in the direct and indirect pathways of the basal ganglia. Despite the importance of this two pathways, the properties of their inputs are still poorly understood. Researchers from Stockholm and the Bernstein Center Freiburg found evidence that neurons in the direct-pathway receive overall more input than those in the indirect-pathway. Their findings have now been published in the Journal of Neurophysiology.


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July 21, 2020
Juan Álvaro Gallego

A neural population view on how the brain controls behavior

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Neocortical dynamics during sensory discrimination behavior

Neocortical dynamics during sensory discrimination behavior

Neocortical dynamics during sensory discrimination behavior

Neocortical dynamics during sensory discrimination behavior

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