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Karl-Heinz Boven


Principal Investigator in


Topics of Multi Channel Systems

  • Data acquisition systems and amplifiers for extra cellular recording and analysis of neuronal activity in cortical networks
  • Brain slices and in vivo applications
  • Multi channel electrical stimulus generators for short- and long-term stimulation
  • Automated drug-screening systems based on twoelectrode voltage-clamp measurements
  • Automated systems for cardiac safety pharmacology



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  • 1996 - present: Co-Founder and CEO of Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH, Reutlingen (DE) MCS is one of the leading manufacturers of multi-electrode recording systems
  • 1995: Consultant for Hard- and Software development projects
  • 1989 - 1994: Head of Development, Schärfe System GmbH, Reutlingen (DE) Cell Counter and Analyzer Systems


  • Egert, U.; Okujeni, S.; Nisch, W.; Boven, K.; Rudorf, R.; Gottschlich, N. & Stett, A. (2006) Optimized Oxygen Availability and Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Brain Slice Recordings with Perforated Microelectrode Arrays. Stett A. (ed): Proceedings MEA Meeting 2006. BIOPRO edition. BIOPRO Baden-Wuerttemberg GmbH, Stuttgart, 3 : 174-177
  • Fejtl, M.; Stett, A.; Nisch, W.; Boven, K. & A, M. (2006) On Micro-Electrode Array Revival: Its Development, Sophistication of Recording, and Stimulation. Taketani M., Baudry M. (eds).:Advances in Network Electrophysiology; Using Multi-Electrode Arrays, 24-37
  • Egert, U.; Okujeni, S.; Nisch, W.; Boven, K.; Rudorf, R.; Gottschlich, N. & Stett, A. (2005) Perforated microelectrode arrays optimize oxygen availability and signal-to-noise ratio in brain slice recordings MST Kongress 2005, 431-434 [pdf]
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