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PhD Seminar

PhD and postdoctoral seminar

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All seminars at the Bernstein Center Freiburg are cancelled until October and will be resumed in the winter semester 2020/21.

The weekly PhD and Postdoc Seminar is an integral element of the PhD and Postdoctoral Programs.
All proposals and progress reports are held in this seminar.
The PhD seminar takes place on Tuesdays, from 5:15 pm at the lecture hall, Hansastr. 9a, ground floor.

Schedule for the Summer Semester 2020 





 Mar 17  Esther Flores


Combining Microelectrode Arrays, Patch clamp and Calcium Imaging for understanding the integration of the synaptic input in cultured networks

Mar 24  Peter Brown  


 Pathological oscillatory activity in Parkinson’s and Tremor; what does it mean and how should we treat it?

May 12  Szabina Tudja  cancelled  PhD
June 9  Diego Vieira  cancelled  PhD
June 23  Swathi Anil  cancelled  PhD
July 7  Mohammad Joudy  cancelled  PhD
July 14  Ali Mahdavi  cancelled  PhD
July 28  Patrick Wiegel  cancelled  PhD


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