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PhD Seminar

PhD and postdoctoral seminar

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The weekly PhD and Postdoc Seminar is an integral element of the PhD and Postdoctoral Programs.
All proposals and progress reports are held in this seminar.
The PhD seminar takes place on Tuesdays, from 5:15 pm at the lecture hall, Hansastr. 9a, ground floor.

Schedule for the Winter Semester 2018/19 





Oct 23 Bernhard Staresina Making memories: How the human hippocampus binds, consolidates and retrieves experiences  Bernstein
Oct 30     Bernstein
Nov 6

Sebastian Spreizer

Szabina Tudja  

From space to time: Spatial inhomogeneities lead to the emergence of spatio-temporal activity sequences in spiking neuronal networks

Impact of network architecture on stimulus representations in vitro

Nov 13 Dana Ballard Cortical spike coding using gamma frequency latencies Bernstein
Nov 20 Jan Gläscher A network supporting social influence in human decision-making Bernstein
Nov 27

Catarina Orcinha

Diego Vieira

Reelin and seizure-induced motility of differentiated dentate granule cells in an in vitro model of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

Towards closed-loop control of seizure susceptibility via theta oscillations

Dec 6 Matthieu Gilson Propagation of moments in Hawkes networks Bernstein
Dec 11 Nicole Roßkothen-Kuhl Spatial hearing with cochlear implant(s): Interaural time difference discrimination restored by CIs after neonatal deafness  Bernstein
Dec 18

Golan Karvat

Katharina Heining

Sensory gating- a causative role for beta oscillation events?

High incidence of weak epileptiform spike bursts during the inter-ictal phase indicates reduced seizure susceptibility in epileptic mice

  Christmas break    
Jan 8     PhD
Jan 15  Jan Michael Schulz  Shifting gears: regulation of dendritic electrogenesis and spike output by dendritic inhibition Bernstein
Jan 22 Simon Schultz From photon to pipette: targeted interrogation of cortical circuit function Bernstein
Jan 29

Ali Mahmoodi

Alexander Kurz

Behavioural and Neural Basis of Social Influence

Functions of Human Primary Motor Cortex Circuits in Movement Control

Feb 5 Sonja Grün Fine temporal spike coordination in relation to behavior Bernstein
Feb 12 Alessio Buccino A computationally-assisted approach to neural electrophysiology Bernstein
Feb 19 Han Lu Synaptic plasticity in tDCS and optogenetic stimulation PhD
Feb 26 Mark Hübener Disparity processing in mouse visual cortex Bernstein
Mar 5 Andreas Vlachos The spine apparatus and synaptic plasticity – one organelle to rule them all Bernstein
Mar 12     PhD
Mar 19 Marc-Oliver Gewaltig A Cell Atlas for the Whole Mouse Brain Bernstein
Mar 26     Bernstein
April 9  Kenneth Harris  Neuro Lecture Series (12.15)  Bernstein
April 10  Moritz Helias  Field theory for collective neuronal statistics (10:00 h!!) Bernstein
April 30     Bernstein
May 7 Peter Dayan  The Cortical Dynamics of Integrative Decision Making PhD
May 21     Bernstein
May 28  Hermann Cuntz tba  Bernstein
June 4     Bernstein
June 11     Bernstein
June 18 Benedikt Grothe  Optimizing conductance velocity and timing of action potentials in a neuronal circuit with microsecond precision Bernstein
June 25     Bernstein


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