The Bernstein Center Freiburg

Informal Seminar
Benjamin Merkt

Institute of Physics, Freiburg

Resolving Structural Non-Identifiability
of Transcription Networks

In Systems Biology, transcription networks with a high number of species and a low number of observed quantities are very common. In addition, many measurement techniques like quantitative Western blot or protein arrays provide only relative data leading to undetermined scaling parameters in the mathematical model. This results in the problem of structural non-identifiability: the effect of changing one parameter can be compensated by other parameters.
To find non-identifiabilities in a system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), Lie group theory can be utilized. Being designed for searching symmetries in almost all kinds of algebraic and differential equations, the theory leads to groups of transformations of the internal variables and parameters leaving the observation invariant. Thus, admitted Lie symmetries result in structural non-identifiability and consequently, based on the results of Lie theory, model non-identifiabilities can be effectively detected and resolved.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

14:00 h
BCF Library
First Floor
Hansastr. 9a
The talk is open to the public. Guests are cordially invited!