The Bernstein Center Freiburg

Informal Seminar
Alexander Niederbühl

Bernstein Center Freiburg

Inferring network structure
from covarying neural activity

Topic of the talk will be the reconstruction of cerebral networks with a method which is able to infer causal interactions from recorded brain activity. While the previously existing method performed well for simulations, it showed unrealistic results for ECoG data and took long to converge. In order to improve this state, a challenging optimization problem has to be solved which involves a non-smooth cost function, quadratic constraints and possible non-convexity. I will present two gradient based optimization algorithms, which exploit the manifold structure of the constraints.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

11:00 h
BCF Library
First Floor
Hansastr. 9a
The talk is open to the public. Guests are cordially invited!