The Bernstein Center Freiburg

Informal Seminar
Adrian Chan

University of Cambridge, UK

An Introduction to Quantum Information

Formulated around a century ago, quantum mechanics has been one of the most successful theories in the history of physics, accounting for phenomena that range from superconductivity to the ordering of the periodic table. In recent decades, scientists have moved beyond the realm of observation, and are gaining the ability to manipulate quantum systems. This development occurs at a time when the size of semiconductor transistors is fast approaching the atomic scale, at which the laws of classical physics no longer hold. Already, research efforts are underway to achieve a new paradigm for computation one that is based on the rules of quantum mechanics. In this talk, we will discuss the basic principles of the theory, and how they are applicable in the context of information processing. I will finish the presentation with a (wild) speculation of why quantum effects might be relevant to neuroscience.

Friday, March 21, 2014

18:00 h
BCF Library
First Floor
Hansastr. 9a
The talk is open to the public. Guests are cordially invited!