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BCCN Freiburg Conference Program

BCCN Freiburg Conference
March 18 – 20, 2013


Monday, March 18


Opening Session

Gunther Neuhaus, Vice Rector for Research of Freiburg University
    Short welcoming speech

Ad Aertsen
    Bernstein Center Freiburg 2004-2013

 12:30 apero & buffet lunch
 14:00 Session 1: Multi-scale systems and signals

Gaute Einevoll, Ås, Norway
   How do spike correlations affect the measured cortical local field potential (LFP)?

Fritjof Helmchen, Zurich, Switzerland
   Neural activity in mouse barrel cortex during texture discrimination

Eilon Vaadia, Jerusalem, Israel
   Inducing Gamma oscillations and precise spike synchrony by operant conditioning via Brain-Machine Interface

 15:30 coffee / tea
 16:00 Session 2: Large-scale cortical networks

Alain Destexhe, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
   How to reconcile macroscopic brain signals with neuronal unit activity ?
Markus Diesmann, Jülich, Germany
   A minimal cell-type specific model of the cortical microcircuit

Wulfram Gerstner, Lausanne, Switzerland
   Activity equations for populations of spiking neurons with adaptation

 17:30 break
 19:00 Conference dinner in the historical “Peterhof Cellar” of the University of Freiburg
 Tuesday, March 19

09:00 Session 3: Beyond mean-field theory [chair: Tom Tetzlaff]

Moritz Helias, Jülich, Germany
   Structure and invariance of correlations in balanced networks

Birgit Kriener, Ås, Norway
   Weight for it: How strong synapses change network dynamics

Volker Pernice, Freiburg, Germany
   On network models and relations between network and spike train statistics

10:30  coffee / tea
11:00 Session 4: Plastic neuronal circuits [chair: Abigail Morrison]

Moritz Deger, Lausanne, Switzerland
   Spike-timing dependent structural plasticity explains cooperation of synapses

Alexander Hanuschkin, Zurich, Switzerland
   Inverse-model learning with a nonlinear avian syrinx

Susanne Kunkel, Jülich, Germany
   NEST: A highly scalable tool for simulations of spiking neuronal networks with synaptic plasticity

12:30 buffet lunch
14:00 Session 5: Motor control and brain-machine interfaces [chair: Carsten Mehring]

Tayfun Gürel, Freiburg, Germany
   Structural learning of sensory-motor data via reward modulated Hebbian Learning

Tomislav Milekovic, Providence, USA
   Stable asynchronous brain-computer interface for communication based on field potentials

Stephan Waldert, London, UK
   The influence of spiking activity on LFP and their spatial distribution for selectivity of grasp

15:30 coffee / tea
16:00 Session 6: Microstructure and function of neuronal networks [chair: Ulrich Froriep]

Sarah Jarvis, London, UK
   The role of structural heterogeneities in the emergence of stable and separable dynamics

Samora Okujeni, Freiburg, Germany
   Coevolution of structure and activity dynamics in vitro

Philipp Schnepel, Freiburg, Germany
   Lateral projections and cortical processing - Physiology and connectivity of horizontal projections onto L5B pyramidal neurons

17:30 break
18:00 Poster Session / Fingerfood
20:00  Informal get-together at the "Werkstatt", the Science Lounge of the Bernstein Center
Wednesday, March 20

09:00 Session 7: Dynamics of neuronal circuits

Björn Kampa, Zurich, Switzerland
   From connectivity to function: A specific micro-circuit for cortical representation of visual scenery

Matthew Larkum, Berlin, Germany
   Does an associative cellular mechanism suggest an organizing principle of cortex?

Duane Nykamp, Minneapolis, USA
   Capturing effective neuronal dynamics in random networks with complex topologies

10:30 coffee / tea
11:00 Session 8: Sensory coding

Jose-Manuel Alonso, New York, USA
   Visual cortical maps for darks and lights

Rainer Friedrich, Basel, Switzerland
   Scents and sensitivity: a microcircuit in the olfactory bulb that stabilizes odor representations

Israel Nelken, Jerusalem, Israel
   The coding of surprise in the auditory system

12:30 buffet lunch
14:00 Session 9: Time scales of learning and memory

Robert Gütig, Göttingen, Germany
   Self-supervised neuronal processing of sensory streams

Walter Senn, Bern, Switzerland
   Learning with active dendrites requires triple-spike-dependent synaptic plasticity

Armen Stepanyants, Boston, USA
   Effects of learning and memory storage on synaptic connectivity in local cortical circuits

15:30 coffee / tea
16:00 Session 10: Structure-dynamics relations of cortex and basal ganglia

Bruno Averbeck, Washington, USA
   Action selection and action value in frontal-striatal systems

Gilad Silberberg, Stockholm, Sweden
   Promiscuity and discrimination in the striatal microcircuitry

Brent Doiron, Pittsburgh, USA
   Formation and maintenance of variability in the spontaneously active cortex

17:30 end of workshop



Lecture Hall, Institute of Biology I (Zoology)
Hauptstrasse 1
79104 Freiburg, Germany

Katrin Pansa

                                                                                                                                        March 11, 2013


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