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What are neuronal network mechanisms and theoretical foundations of brain function? How can insights from basic research into brain function contribute to our understanding of brain dysfunction? And how can we apply this knowledge for developing better diagnostics and new therapies for brain disease and injury? These are some of the questions our scientists are seeking to answer. ► Mission Statement



190503-Science-Jam-13190509-kordovan-start 190426-Mahmoodi.jpg Mohammadreza Mohagheghi Nejad

Press Coverage

Mental Leaps  How words and sentences become stories

This was the topic of our Science Jam No. 13 at the Bernstein Werkstatt. Read an article about the evening in the "Badische Zeitung" (online in German).


The theorist with a passion for the practical

Perfect timing for Michael Kordovan – after his excellent doctorate, the young scientist is now taking the step which he had originally planned to take after his diploma studies. He has just signed his work contract with a company for industrial image processing.


Outstanding achievement by Ali Mahmoodi

The Bernstein Center Freiburg would like to congratulate Ali Mahmoodi on his distinguished doctorate on “Behavioural and Neural Basis of Social Influence”.


“Working at the Bernstein Center has been a great opportunity for me.”

This is what Mohammadreza Mohagheghi Nejad thinks overall about his time as a PhD student in Freiburg. Now that the biomedical engineer has successfully finished his doctorate, what is going through the mind of the young scientist after graduating? He talked with the Bernstein Center Freiburg about this.


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Talks & Events

Bernstein Seminar

Neuro-Talks in Freiburg

Conferences & Events

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Michael Fauth

Self-organized reactivation maintains and reinforces memories despite synaptic turnover

Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Hermann Cuntz
Scaling behaviour of neural structure and function derived from wiring principles

Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 17:15h
Benedikt Grothe

Optimizing conductance velocity and timing of action potentials in a neuronal circuit with microsecond precision

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 12:15h
Freiburg Neuroscience Lecture Series: Ian Duguid
Thalamocortical control of skilled movement

 More Talks in Freiburg

May 5-25, 2019
ACAN 2019 - Australian Course in Advanced Neuroscience
North Stradbroke Island, Australia

May 18-19, 2019
The Future of Neuroscience, Attachment and Mentalizing Conference
TBA, London, United Kingdom



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