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Alfred Stett


    stett.jpgDr. Alfred Stett
    NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute
    University of Tuebingen
    Markwiesenstraße 55
    D-72770 Reutlingen
    Tel: +49 7121 51530-70
    Fax: +49 7121 51530-16
    NMI - Natural and Medical Sciences Institute an der Universität Tübingen

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  • Schmid, H., Herrmann, T., Kohler, K., Stett, A. (2009) Neuroprotective effect of transretinal electrical stimulation on neurons in the inner nuclear layer of the degenerated retina. ; Brain Res Bull. 2009 Apr 6;79(1):15-25. Epub 2009 Jan 15.
  • Stett, A., Hofmann, F., Nisch, W., Boven, K.H. (2008) Substrate-Integrated Microelectrode Arrays: Innovations for Electrophysiology in Biotechnology and Biomedicine ; mst news
  • Zibek, S., Hagmeyer, B., Stett, A., Stelzle, M. (2008) Chemical stimulation of cells – microsystem, experiment & modelling ; Proceedings MEA Meeting 2008, Reutlingen, BioPro edition, Vol.5, p.266-269, ISBN 3-938345-05-5
  • Gerhardt, M., Stett, A. (2008) Subretinal stimulation with hyperpolarising and depolarising voltage steps ; Proceedings MEA Meeting 2008, Reutlingen, BioPro edition, Vol.5, p.144-147, ISBN 3-938345-05-5
  • Herrmann, T., Krause, T., Gerhardt, M., Hesse, M., Boven, K-H., Stett, A. (2008) LED-based illumination system for the MEA60 system for full field stimulation of explanted retinas ; Proceedings MEA Meeting 2008, Reutlingen, BioPro edition, Vol.5, p.199-200, ISBN 3-938345-05-5
  • Hosp JA, Molina-Luna K, Hertler B, Atiemo CO, Stett A, Luft AR. (2008) Thin-film epidural microelectrode arrays for somatosensory and motor cortex mapping in rat. ; J Neurosci Methods. 2008 Jul 30;172(2):255-62. Epub 2008 May 23.
  • Zibek S, Stett A, Koltay P, Hu M, Zengerle R, Nisch W, Stelzle M (2007) Localized functional chemical stimulation of TE 671 cells cultured on nanoporous membrane by calcein and acetylcholine. ; Biophys J. 92(1):L04-6.
  • Stett, A., Mai, A., Herrmann, T. (2007) Retinal charge sensitivity and spatial discrimination obtainable by subretinal implants: key lessons learned from isolated chicken retina. ; Journal of Neural Engineering 4, p. 7-16
  • Stett A (2005) Künstliche Netzhäute. ; Sterne und Weltraum Spezial
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  • Stett, A., Burkhardt, C., Weber, U., van Stiphout, P., Knott, T. (2003) CYTOCENTERING: a novel technique enabling automated cell-by-cell patch clamping with the CYTOPATCH chip. ; Receptors Channels
  • Stett, A., Bucher, V., Burkhardt, C., Weber, U., Nisch, W. (2003) Patch-clamping of primary cardiac cells with micro-openings in polyimide films. ; Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing
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