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Michael Kordovan

PhD Student

    kordovan.jpgMichael Kordovan
    Bernstein Center Freiburg
    Hansastrasse 9a
    79104 Freiburg i.Br.
    Tel.: +49 (0)761 203 9551
    Fax: +49 (0)761 203 9559 


Research Project

  • NeuroSeeker Project:
    Investigation of local and global cortical circuits with advanced neural probes for high-resolution electrophysiological monitoring and optogenetic stimulation


Research Topics

  •  Localization and characterization of neurons using high density multi-electrode arrays
  •  Investigation of structure-dynamics relations in neocortical networks of excitatory and inhibitory neurons



  • Data analysis of electrophysiological recordings
    • Compressed sensing algorithms
    • Large-scale neuronal network simulations



Academic Background

  • Since 10/2014: PhD student at the Bernstein Center Freiburg
  • 10/2007 - 07/2014: Diploma in Physics, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany




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