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Research visit of Ludmila Zaytseva

Research visit of Ludmila Zaytseva


ludmila_large.jpgThe staying in the University of Freiburg was my first experience of international summer practice. It was very important for me to have an opportunity to participate in a real-life science project in such a high-level research and educational center as BCF. Therefore, I was very happy when I received the notification that my application was accepted. My internship project supervised by Dr. Kumar and Dr. Cardanobile was a very positive experience in both academic and communicational aspects.
For me as an informatics student, some techniques and tools used in neuroscience were quite new. Working on the extension of  Dr. Kumar's and Dr. Cardanobile's reduced model of Parkinson's disease related oscillations in the basal ganglia showed me new horizons in science and allowed me to learn new concepts and methods. Not only participating in the project itself was thrilling, but also the kind helpfulness of my supervisors was always available.

The whole atmosphere of BCF was very inspiring. It appeared that my social integration to the new place was rapid and smooth due to the kind attitude of all my colleagues and the university staff, in particular Teaching & Training coordinator Dr. Janina Kirsch, and many other people whose help and attention made my internship so pleasant.

Last, but not the least was the charm of Freiburg and its picturesque green outskirts. Surely it would be great if I could continue my education in such a place as Freiburg University.

Ludmila Zaytseva


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