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Research visit of Matthieu Gilson

Research visit of Matthieu Gilson



gilson.jpgI had the pleasure to be invited to the workshop organised by the groups of Stefan Rotter and Martin Nawrot in Freiburg. Point processes have become a powerful tool in neuroscience, as they allow a flexible description of combined physiological features. They have been used in analytical and numerical studies of neuronal dynamics at many scales, from the level of ion channels up to brain areas. The applications discussed at the workshop ranged from the analysis of spike trains to neuronal and network dynamics, via glacier “calving”. The presentation schedule and relaxed atmosphere allowed open discussions of details in models. This was particularly relevant for me now as I am working to expand my field of research. It was also a great opportunity for me to present my recent work on spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) to a maths-oriented audience. I got interesting feedback and could discuss connections with other attendants’ work. My stay in Freiburg was also the occasion to discover the Bernstein Center, where I gave another presentation. Altogether, it was an inspiring time that led to fruitful discussions, some are still ongoing and will hopefully become collaborations.


The little hut on the prairie where the workshop was held (in the heights close to Freiburg) is a perfect place for small-scale and focused seminars. I have good memories of a happy time and happy crowd, a good blend of science and healthy distractions like football and volleyball. And for my first time in Freiburg, I enjoyed hiking in the Schartzwald, the local food (good job planning the workshop during the Spargel season!) and discovered the Feierling beer.

I am very grateful to the members of the Bernstein Center for this great time in Freiburg, and in particular to Stefan Rotter and Martin Nawrot for their kind invitation. I hope I will be able to return to one of the next editions.

Matthieu Gilson


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