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"Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains" in high demand

Rotter and Grün make SpringerLink’s 50 percent most downloaded books list

"Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains" in high demand

"Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains" was published in 2010

The number speaks for itself: with a total of 21,477 individual chapter downloads, Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains joins the most demanded neuroscience publications in the relevant eBook collection on SpringerLink – the download platform of the Springer Nature publishing group.  

But it took some time for the comprehensive work to gain momentum. Starting from a modest number of 1,096 downloads in 2010, when the book was published, demand steadily rose to a peak of 5,107 individual downloads in 2015.

Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains has become a standard reference, providing a comprehensive overview on state-of-the-art methods for the analysis of coordinated neuronal activity in the brain. More than 20 researchers have made individual contributions to the work, including the editors Stefan Rotter (Bernstein Center Freiburg) and Sonja Grün (now at the Research Center Jülich). The book is directed at scientists and advanced students from the fields of Systems Neurobiology and Computational Neuroscience. To download the book, please follow the link below. 

Gruen S., Rotter S. (eds.): "Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains", Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience, 2010. ISBN 978-1-4419-5674-3

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