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Time to Say Goodbye!

Junior research group leader Robert Schmidt to become Professor at Sheffield University

Time to Say Goodbye!

Photo: Levin Sottru / BrainLinks-BrainTools

Dr. Robert Schmidt has been serving as head of the junior work group “Neural foundations of action selection, initiation and execution in the basal ganglia” at BrainLinks-BrainTools for three years. He has also been a member of the Bernstein Center Freiburg during this time. In September 2016, the neuroscientist will be moving on to a position as Lecturer at the University of Sheffield. The BCF and BrainLinks-BrainTools may considers Schmidt's departure a success, because his case shows that its professional environment provides junior scientists with the right skill set to keep up with in-demand-specialist fields on a global scale.

The job at the renowned Psychology Department of the university located in the English midlands is similar to a junior professorship: Schmidt will be active in research as well as in teaching. After absolving an employment probation period of three years he will be employed indefinitely. Over the years, there could be a real chance to reach positions such as “chair” or “head of department.” By his own account, he wants to establish himself as a senior lecturer with his own workgroup and sufficient third-party fundings in the near future. When asked whether Brexit could upset his plans the BCF member responds with a smile: “If the worst comes to the worst, there could be a lot more paperwork to do and maybe the EU will suspend their funding. However, I will keep my job.” With this in mind: congratulations to such a lucky pull!

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