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PhD Seminar

PhD and postdoctoral seminar

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The weekly PhD and Postdoc Seminar is an integral element of the PhD and Postdoctoral Programs.
All proposals and progress reports are held in this seminar.
The PhD seminar takes place on Tuesdays, from 5:15 pm at the lecture hall, Hansastr. 9a, ground floor.

Schedule for the Winter Semester 2019/2020 





 Oct 22      Bernstein
 Oct 29      PhD
 Nov 5      Bernstein
 Nov 12  Tobias Donner Understanding Variability in Brain and Behavior  Bernstein
 Nov 19      PhD
 Nov 26  Upinder S. Bhalla  Excitatory-inhibitory balance and timing in the hippocampus explored using combinatorial optical stimulation  Bernstein
 Dec 3  Jérémy Barral Synaptic scaling to maintain neuronal dynamics and propagate information  Bernstein
 Dec 10      PhD
 Dec 17  Julia Veit  Cortical Gamma-band Synchronisation through Somatostatin Interneurons  Bernstein
     Christmas Break  
Jan 07      Bernstein
 Jan 14      PhD
 Jan 21      Bernstein
 Jan 28 Katharina Heining  Patterns of epileptiform activity in kainate injected mice: Detection, dynamics and anatomical correlates  PhD
 Feb 04      Bernstein
 Feb 11      Bernstein
 Feb 18 Esther Flores   Combining Microelectrode Arrays, Patch clamp and Calcium Imaging for understanding the integration of the synaptic input in cultured networks  PhD
 Feb 25      Bernstein
 Mar 03      Bernstein
 Mar 10  Mohammad Joudy  tba   PhD
 Mar 17      Bernstein
 Mar 24  Peter Brown    tba  Bernstein

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