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The Bernstein Center Freiburg

The Bernstein Center Freiburg is the central research facility at the University of Freiburg for coordinating research in the areas of Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology



What are the theoretical foundations and basic mechanisms of brain function? And how can this knowledge be applied in the development of prostheses and interfaces that directly connect to the nervous system? The Bernstein Center Freiburg has been established as the university’s central scientific facility to provide a platform to organize this branch of research in Freiburg.

It combines a large number of third-party funded research projects in the experimental and theoretical neurosciences and their applications in computer science, microsystems technology, and clinical use, pursued at nine faculties, institutes and research facilities of the university into a large, multidisciplinary research hub.

The BCF also fosters and implements new teaching and training initiatives, in particular the multidisciplinary international PhD and Postdoc programs in Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology, and the tri-national Joint Master in Neuroscience, based in Freiburg, Strasbourg and Basel, organized through the tri-national network Neurex.

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